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-  a monthly handful of RADD stickers
(mailed out 17th-28th of every month)

- 10 song playlist of the month

- RADD Co updates as we travel the country for work 
(selling rocks at gem shows,
painting murals for music festivals,
and designing stickers & graphic tees)




 ( for a mere $10 a month, you're not just receiving stickers and a playlist – you're single-handedly financing our grand plans , 

aka A Small Home + Big Gem and Mineral Gallery

+ Even Bigger Art Studio + Alpaca & Donkeys . )

Untitled_Artwork 2_edited.png




Every month, amidst the insanity of life, your mailman delivers an envelope you almost forgot about : your RADD monthly thumbs up / pat on the back in the form of a handful of stickers and a handwritten letter that's equal parts encouragement and equal parts commiseration. Not the classic "hope you're doing well" , I’m here to also spill the juice on the latest, and to hot potato the ponderances that go on in my brain, and give them to yours (kinda like I do with the sticker designs). Because let's be really real - misery loves company, and being reminded that you are not alone in life’s trials, tribulations, and observations truly is the best medicine.

SO, we info dump about the circus that is our life and get to keep it profesh by accompanying the monthly tabloid with the groovy stickers you signed up for in the first place, but you get to plaster those stickers everywhere and pretend like you've got your life together while you read about ours! Tie-tie, win-win, am I right???

 Here are a few more reasons we need each other, in case you still need convincing:

  1. Sticker Therapy: The goal is to make you snort, and to make whatever stuff you slap stickers on infinitely more RADD. Nothing will keep me more motivated to continuously create than the agonizing pressure of knowing your snorts and your stuff depend on it.

  2. Commiseration & Creativity Central: Not only are the stickers complimented with reminders that you are not alone on the hot mess express, but we are always down for a good idea! If there is an idea/pun/quote/concept you want to see brought to life – DM, email, contact, WHATEVER - and maybe one day it’ll randomly appear in a monthly pack of slaps (which brings us to #3).

  3. Surprise Shenanigans: Who knows what each month will bring??? I DON’T LOL. But if you do want a small sense of stability, join the #RADDStickerClub so you can at least count on a monthly feel better letter and some stickers - whatever else that’s gonna entail is on a month to month basis though, because life IS one, big, surprise shenanigan.


Anyway, thanks. Grateful for ya.


Check out previous packs of the month here


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